Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School

Cambridge, United States

I have had a long-standing story with Boston as a researcher and am still collaborating widely there in different fields, but mainly on novel cancer therapies. I have been conducting research at MIT and Harvard since 2015. Main focus has now shifted toward brain cancer, and more specifically on immunotherapy, which has been a game changer in the past few years and brought hope for cancer patients worldwide. We are thus assessing the feasibility of such treatments for glioblastoma and focus on the activation of pathways for innate immunity and the early immunological detection of the tumor. Other topics comprise brain implants, brain-penetrating peptides, peptide-drug conjugates.

I first started in Boston as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Stephen Lippard Lab at MIT under grants from Fulbright and the Belgian American Educational Foundation (2015-2016). At that time I aimed at developing novel anticancer metallodrugs bearing selective toxicity toward cancer stem cells and cisplatin-resistant cell types. I also worked on the loading mechanism of platinum compounds into viral nanoparticles.