Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School

Cambridge, United States

I am currently a Research Fellow of the Harvard Medical School, at BWH and a Research Associate at MIT. I am mainly working on brain cancer, and more specifically on cancer immunotherapy which has been a game changer in the past few years and brought hope for cancer patients worldwide. We are thus assessing the feasibility of such treatments for glioblastoma and focus on the activation of pathways for innate immunity and the early immunological detection of the tumor. Other topics comprise brain-penetrating peptides and peptide-drug conjugates.

I recently worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Stephen Lippard Lab at MIT under grants from Fulbright and the Belgian American Educational Foundation (2015-2016). My research aimed at developing novel anticancer metallodrugs bearing selective toxicity toward cancer stem cells and cisplatin-resistant cell types. I focused on glioblastoma initiating cells and their patient-derived models, assessing the anticancer activity of osmium(VI) nitrido metal complexes on these models. Novel drug delivery approaches such as polymeric nanomicelles, squalenoyl and virus-like nanoparticles were also developed. I further worked on the loading mechanism of platinum compounds into the tobacco mosaic virus, this being used as a n innovative nanomedicine.