Articles under review/ in preparation

(37) Berger, G.; Knelson, E.; Nowicki, M.O.; Jimenez, J.L.; Dimitrakakis, N.; Stafford, A.; Mooney, D.J.; Chiocca, A.; Barbie, D.A.; Lawler, S.E. Intratumoral STING activation promotes robust immune activation and anti-tumor immunity, in preparation.

(36) Marloye, M.; Prévost, M.; Lawler S.E.; Berger, G. Computer-aided design of small molecules for cancer immunotherapy, in preparation

(35) Berger, G.; Hocine, S.; Houk, K.; Hanessian, S. Catalytic, structural and folding properties of 4,5-bridged proline ethanologues, in preparation.

(34) Marloye, M.; Mathieu, V.; Debaille, V.; Nowicki, M. O.; Meyer, F.; Lawler, S. E.; Dufrasne, F.; Berger, G. Self-assembling amphiphilic RuII and OsII metal-arene complexes with enhanced cellular uptake, under review.

(33) Marloye, M.; Dufrasne, F.; Meyer, F.; Berger, G. Biotinyl and morpholino Ru II/Os II metal-arene complexes: synthesis, structural and electronic properties, antiproliferative effects, under review.

Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

(32) Berger, G.; Wach, A.; Sá, J.; Szlachetko, J. Reduction mechanism of anticancer osmium(VI) complexes revealed by atomic telemetry and theoretical calculations, Inorg. Chem. 2021, 60, 9, 6663-6671.

(31) Berger, G.; Frangville, P.; Meyer F. Halogen bonding for molecular recognition: new developments in materials and biological sciences, Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 4970-4981.

(30) Hocine S.; Berger, G.; Hanessian, S. Design and synthesis of backbone-fused, conformationally locked bridged morpholine-proline chimeras, J. Org. Chem. 2020, 85, 6, 4237-4247.

(29) Marloye, M.; Lawler, S.E.; Berger, G. Current patent status of STING agonists for cancer immunotherapy, Pharm. Pat. Anal. 2019, 8, 87-90.

(28) Yang D.; Guy Vandenbussche G.; Vertommenand D.; Wohlkönig A.; Berger G.; Khan M.S.; Zeng S.; Soumillion P.; Fontaine V. Methyl arachidonyl fluorophosphonate inhibits Mycobacterium tuberculosis TesA thioesterase, accepted manuscript.

(27) Kim, J.H.; Mertens, R.T.; Agarwal, A.; Parkin, S.; Berger, G.; Awuah, S.G. Direct intramolecular carbon(sp2)-nitrogen(sp2) reductive elimination from gold(III), Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 6273-6282.

(26) Berger, G.; Marloye M.; Lawler S.E.  Pharmacological modulation of the STING pathway for cancer immunotherapy, Trends Mol. Med. 2019, 25(5), 412-427, Front Cover.

The adaptor protein STING (STimulator of INterferon Genes) has emerged as critical mediator of the innate immune system and promising target for cancer immunotherapy. On pages 412–427 in this issue, Berger <em>et al</em>. review small molecule agonists of STING in cancer treatment, highlighting successes and limitations. Since its discovery, STING activation has shown tremendous potential in restoring anti-tumor immunity and potentiate other immunotherapies. Cover design by Gilles Berger, Audrey Ignace, Sean E. Lawler and Marjorie Vermeersch.

(25) Berger, G.; Lawler S.E. Novel non-nucleotidic STING agonists for cancer immunotherapy, invited Editorial, Future Med. Chem. 2018, 10(24), 2767-2769.

(24) Berger, G.; Soubhye, J.; Robijns, K.; Meyer, F. Crystal packing and theoretical analysis of halogen- and hydrogen-bonded hydrazones from pharmaceuticals, Acta Cryst. 2018, B74, 618-627.

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Polym Chem Cover

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Cryst Eng Comm 2016

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Polym Chem 2015

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(1) Berger, G.; Gasper, R.; Lamoral-theys, D.; Wellner, A.; Gelbcke, M.; Gust, R.; Nève, J.; Kiss, R.; Goormaghtigh, E.; Dufrasne, F. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to monitor the cellular impact of newly synthesized platinum derivativesInt. J. Oncol. 2010, 37, 679–686.


* * *


Active participation in national and international conferences

(14) “Modern computational tools in catalysis, drug synthesis and design: recent examples from my research” Oral presentation, European Workshop in Drug Synthesis – Certosa di Pontignano, Siena (Italy), May 2018

(13) “Explorations of Metal-Based Anticancer Therapeutics”, Group Seminar (H. Wennemers Lab), ETH Zürich, November 2017.

(12)  “Explorations of Metal-Based Anticancer Therapeutics”, Invited Lecture, University of Tabasco – Mexico, October 2017.

(11) “Explorations of Metal-Based Anticancer Therapeutics”, Award Talk, Journées Franco-Belges de Pharmacochimie, Spa – Belgium, September 2017

(10) “Structural Properties of 4,5-Methanoprolines and their Oligomers: An Unprecedented Crystalline PPII-type Helical Tetramer”, Oral presentation, Tenth European Workshop in Drug Design – Certosa di Pontignano, Siena (Italy), May 2015

(9) “Bifunctional Cooperative Catalysis Toward Tertiary β-Ketols: A Theoretical Mechanistic Study”, Poster, Tenth European Workshop in Drug Design – Certosa di Pontignano, Siena (Italy), May 2015

(8) “4,5-Methanoprolines, bifunctional-catalyzed aldol reactions and the chemistry of benzodiazidodiazines: from the bench to the theory”, Oral presentation, Year-End Symposium (Hanessian Group), Université de Montréal – Montreal, November 2014

(7) “Synthesis and in vitro characterization of anticancer platinum(II) coordinates: NCI Compare and FTIR spectroscopy for drug candidate profiling”, Poster, International Congress on Bioinorganic Chemistry – Grenoble, July 2013

(6) Vicinal Diamines through N-Activated Chiral Aziridines: Synthesis and Conceptual Density Functional Theory Study”, Poster, 13th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium – Leuven, July 2012

(5)Regioselective Opening of N-Activated Aziridines: A Quantum Chemical Study, Poster, Journée Scientifique de la Société Royale de Chimie – Louvain-La-Neuve, October 2012

(4) Chiral Diamines through the Regioselective Opening of Nitrogen-Activated Aziridines: Synthesis and Quantum Chemical Study”, Oral presentation, PhD Day – Bruxelles (ULB), October 2012

(3) “Insight into the Structure-Activity Relationships of Platinum(II) Anticancer Coordinates”, Poster, PhD Day – Bruxelles (ULB), October 2012

(2) “Synthesis and In Vitro Anticancer Properties of Platinum Derivatives” Oral presentation, 25èmes Journées franco-belges de pharmacochimie – Liège, May 2011

(1) “Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy to Monitor the Cellular Impact of Newly Synthesized Platinum Derivatives”, Oral presentation, PhD Day – Mons, May 2010

* * *

Ph.D. thesis

G. Berger, “Synthesis of chiral vicinal diamines and in vitro anticancer properties of their platinum(II) coordinates” Advisor: Prof. François Dufrasne.

You will find a copy of my Ph.D. thesis here.


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